Car Magnets



Car magnets increase your marketing mileage. Ace Print Agency provides the best quality car magnets.

    • Full color on the front 
    • Semi-permanent & durable
    • Fade-resistant, wind-tested magnets
    • Standard 30 mil Magnet Stock
    • Designed for metal surfaces only
    • Best used in mild weather
    • Fast Delivery: Fast 2-5 day production time.

Possessing all the power of a traditional business card, printed magnets from Ace Print increase your company’s range on fun and versatile medium. Car Magnets are easy to handle on your vehicles compared to stickers. Advertise using car magnets without scratching the vehicle body. Surround your customers with your brand on the road using car magnets!

Include pertinent information that you want prospects to remember and access easily – phone number, URL, address, and/or hours of operation or save the date. Add compelling images. Go beyond the traditional calendar magnet and add a relevant, funny joke – something that will catch your prospect’s attention. Include a QR code. Have fun!

If you want us to make a custom design for you, trust the professionals at Ace Print Agency and call us for a free quote! You can reach us at (949) 549-1779 or email us here.

We can deliver your order within 2-4 days if you share all information before 10 am pacific time

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Technical Details
Size  8.7″ x 11.5″

11.5″ x 17.6″

10″ x 20″

18″ x 24

12″ x 24″

Custom Finishing Options Give a demand for a quote.

General Description:

Ace Print Car Magnets: Turn driving into advertising.

Seeking a new way to build awareness about your business? Outfit your vehicles with personalized car magnets for quick and effective marketing on the go. Durable, weather-resistant, and wind-tunnel-tested, our magnetic signs can get your business name and logo noticed by pedestrians and other drivers — and they can help you make a strong first impression. Matching vehicle magnets are easy to add or remove, and they’re a great option if you want to create a consistent, branded look across multiple trucks, cars, or vans.

To create your custom car magnet, start by picking your magnet size and placement: You may want to add branding to a side door, the back of a van — or even both. Then move onto designing, whether you prefer to upload a custom design or explore our assortment of fully customizable templates, with industry-specific options for real estate professionals, contractors, landscapers, and more. Your magnetic signs will be ready to stand out wherever the roads take you.

Installation Guide

Follow the steps below to ensure your custom car magnet and your vehicle are ready to hit the road. 

This information will help prevent any debris on your vehicle from scratching the paint and damaging the surface. You’ll know your magnet is properly installed when it adheres to and is flat against the vehicle surface, without air bubbles. 

  1. Clean: Clean the vehicle surface and magnetic back with a damp cloth and mild detergent.
  2. Dry: Let both your vehicle surface and your car magnet air dry completely.
  3. Apply: Apply the magnet to a flat, metallic surface without bumps, curves, or rust.


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